About Us

Manova Realty Group
Established in 2011, Manova Realty is committed to quality one stop shopping in the Real Estate, Financial, Construction and Insurance market. Founded in Tucson Arizona, Farmers has found its success through their corporate philosophies. This company was founded on a better way to live based on the following:


  • Nothing in this world has or ever will be done without Real Estate.
  • Good people are hard to come by if you are not willing to teach them.
  • If you work for it you deserve it.
  • Nothing significant is ever easy.
  • If you are not looking you will not find.
  • No profit is ever inadequate.
  • If you do not understand something elevate your level of thinking.
  • If others do not understand your level of thinking elevate theirs.
  • When you stop growing you die.
  • If you worry about the “WHAT IF”S” in life, the “WORTH IT’S” will pass you by.
  • Inspiration is found at this moment